Fine Arts Program

Participants get the opportunity to create their own works of art that are completely self-directed using a variety of different mediums. Participants are encouraged to use their own ideas and forms of self-expression.

Water Captured

Artist: Decoda B.
Materials used: Acrylic Paint, Canvas, plastic cake cover, squirt bottle, rocking back and forth method
Price: $20
Measurements: Both singularly, 5×7 frames


Artist: Kevin H. (a.k.a Mr. Sunshine)
Materials used: Acrylic Paint, repurpose sample wood panel, Paint brush
Price: $35
Measurements: Both singularly, 8×10 inch wood panels.

Vivid Layers

Artist: Steven M.
Materials used: Acrylic Paint, Paint brush
Price: $25

My Way

Artist: Cedrick E.
Materials used: Acrylic Paint, Paint brush, end of a used paint tube and small paint container to use stamping technique.
Price: $10
Measurements: Matte Frame boar, ready to frame- 8×11

Handcrafted Locomotive

This circa 1860 locomotive is handcrafted and donated by Rev. Dan Herman. Every part of the locomotive is made from aged hardwoods. The project represents 60 hours of labor and is finished in natural stains.

Price: $325

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art from one of our participants just fill out the information below and someone will contact you. Proceeds go directly to the artist.


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