Our mission at the Barbara Olson Center of Hope is to help individuals with developmental disabilities reach personal goals through individualized skill development, vocational opportunities and community service.
GourMutts is a skill development and employment exploration program for individuals with developmental disabilities. It first started as a small craft program that provided a chance for our participants to learn a variety of skills that will assist them in their daily lives as well as to help them explore employment opportunities in our community.
All proceeds from the sales of GourMutts Handmade Dog Biscuits benefit the participants and programs at the Barbara Olson Center of Hope.
GourMutts Gourmet Dog Treats are only $6 per bag. For more information about GourMutts or to place an order email us.

    Each batch of dog biscuits are handmade at Barbara Olson Center of Hope with fresh ingredients and cut into individual biscuits for your favorite companion to enjoy! Thank you for investing in our Hopes and Dreams!


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