Bridges School Transitioning

Bridges is a program to assist families and professionals in transitioning students with developmental disabilities to the world of adult services. Our Transition Outreach Specialist helps families find resources for: enrolling children on the PUNS list (Prioritization for Urgency of Need for Services), Financial/Medical benefits, Legal Resources, Program Funding (Home & Community Based), Waiver Programs, Training/Coaching, Recreational Activities, and attending Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings to ensure transition is part of the IEP.


Vocational Development

Assisting participants with limited mobility achieve greater independence through passive range of motion, completing activities with staff assistance, and the opportunity to use specialized equipment to achieve their goals.



The Center of Hope’s Sensory program takes an individualized approach to help our participants with Autism or who have sensory needs reduce stress or improve their social interaction skills and communication using a variety of modalities.


Art Program

Participants get the opportunity to create their own works of art that are completely self-directed using a variety of different mediums. Participants are encouraged to use their own ideas and forms of self-expression.


Music Program

Every person is musical and deserves the chance to express them selves musically. The Center of Hope’ s Music Therapy program uses mobile devices to bring educational, therapeutic, and recreational benefits of music to our participants, a population whose needs are not met by traditional instruments


Memory Lane

Assisting our senior participants, and those experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s, age with grace and help maintain their current skill sets.


Together we make all the difference.