GourMutts are back! Premium treats with a purpose. 

GourMutts, the Center of Hope’s handmade gourmet dog biscuits, are back in production.

GourMutts first started as a small craft program that provided a chance for our participants to learn a variety of skills that will assist them in their daily lives as well as to help them explore employment opportunities in our community. The products were so popular that we started offering the flavored dog treats for sale in a selection of flavors. All biscuits are handmade with fresh, natural ingredients and are an ideal gift for your favorite pooch.

This summer we started working with Prairie Street Brewery to develop and distribute the dog biscuits.

“We are very excited about a collaboration with Prairie Street Brewery for a new GourMutts biscuit flavor – peanut butter and spent grains. This is another opportunity for employment exploration and skill development for participants attending the Center,” said Pam Carey, executive director.

All proceeds from the sales of GourMutts Handmade Dog Biscuits benefit the participants and programs at the Barbara Olson Center of Hope.

If you are interested in purchasing GourMutts or need more information, please go to our website or you can contact the Center of Hope at (815)964-9275. They will also be available for purchase at Prairie Street Brewery very soon!