Center of Hope offers two programs to assist families

The Center of Hope offers two new programs to assist home-based families. Personal Support Worker (PSW) offers a staff member to come into your home to provide active treatment and companionship for your participant. This is includes taking the participant out into the community.

Self-Directed Assistance (SDA) provides the family assistance with monthly billing, PSW/Employer applications, or finding resources for your participant to become more active in the community.

For more information contact Kelley Peterson, director of participant services, at 815.964.9275 ext. 250, or by email at

Participant enrollment update

The Center of Hope currently has 96 of our participants attending in person, out of 169. Fifty-seven percent of our participants have returned, with 46 percent of them attending full time. We also have four participants receiving SDA services and one receiving PSW services.


As of February 25, all participants are eligible in the 1B+ classification. Definition: For purposes of Part 1B+ eligibility, disability is defined as a “person who is, and who is expected to indefinitely continue to be, subject to any of the following five types of disabilities: physical disability, developmental disability, visual disability, hearing disability or mental disability.”

If you have previously registered with the Winnebago County Health Department, you need to update your registration regarding disability status. Go to Also, check with your health care system and verify that their system also is updated with the 1B+ eligibility status. We are continuing to reach out to the Health Department.

Please provide copies of vaccination cards as you are successful.

Center of Hope receives Kiwanis Charities of Rockford grant 

Barbara Olson Center of Hope is proud to announce it has received a grant from Kiwanis Charities of Rockford to purchase art therapy, program, and technology supplies, which will be used for engaging our participants with developmental disabilities and offering alternative ways for them to enhance the quality of their lives in a safe environment.


Wednesday, March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day