Meet Chris McClure

Chris McClure is a direct support professional (DSP) and has been at the Center of Hope for seven years. We asked Chris to share some of her thoughts about the time he has been at the Center.
Please describe your role at the Center. To be a good positive role model to help teach to all persons that they are important and help each person to be safe when at the center or out in the community.
Why did you choose this field? I enjoy helping others to the best of their abilities to assure them that everyone has their place in this world-it matters to me that they are happy attending COH, they learn something new or master skills to make them great people to the community.
What advice would you give someone who is interested in working at the Center? Come to this field with an open mind and a kind heart-be prepared to work hard helping others to feel important. Be a team player! Working together makes things awesome!
What is the biggest change you’ve seen over the years? The biggest change I’ve seen is staffing, especially due to the pandemic.
 What keeps you at the Center?  A good company with good people to work for and with is a plus along with benefits like paid time off, holiday pay and weekends off.  The participants keep me coming back because smiles make my day great!

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