Your June update from the Center of Hope

This month, we show our gratitude for staff at the Center of Hope, learn about the new Plant Class at the Center of Hope, meet staff member Amanda Lersch, get an update on our Spring Match Campaign, and mark your calendar for HarvestFest 2022, our fourth annual fall mixer, at Prairie Street Brewing Co.


The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Every day I feel grateful for the team at the Center, every staff member contributes above and beyond in whatever role they may be in. Each and every staff member shows kindness within their daily work, no matter what the day may bring. It takes tremendous teamwork and collaboration to make all of the daily expectations successful for the individuals we serve.

A big thanks to all staff for their dedication and commitment to all who walk through the door.

Truly Grateful,

Pam Carey

Executive Director

A budding new class

Earlier this year, the Center of Hope introduced a Plant Class for the participants. READ MORE

Meet Amanda Lersch

Amanda Lersch is an accounting assistant at the Center of Hope and has been on the staff almost eight years. We asked Amanda to share some of her thoughts about the Center. READ MORE

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