Center of Hope gives back during the holidays

Each year, we like to give back to our community, since our community has had such an impact on us over the years. The participants love to go out in the community and volunteer, it doesn’t matter what the activity is and what the weather condition is.

And over the holidays, it is so important to the Center of Hope, and our participants, to give back to the Winnebago County Animal Services (WCAS) because they have made our year so much brighter just by allowing us new opportunities, like fostering kittens. The litters we have seen come and go had such an amazing impact on the participants, it really has been very therapeutic for all involved, even the kitties.

This year we wanted to give supplies to WCAS so the animals in the shelter would have a nice Christmas, too. Some of the items we collected and donated included cat and dog food, dog leashes and collars, food and water dishes, towels, blankets, money, cat and dog toys, and treats.

The participants just love knowing they are making an impact on someone’s life, even if it is a furry friend. WCAS will never how appreciative we are of them this year.

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