The Center of Hope celebrates Autism Acceptance Month 2024

In honor of Autism Acceptance month, the Center of Hope is recognizing the needs of people on the autism spectrum. It is a time to acknowledge the need to support, understand, accept, include, and empower people on the autism spectrum.
“Autism is a widely-known diagnosis, but so commonly unaccepted or understood. Autism Acceptance Month is a way to “not speak for”, but to advocate and stand with individuals that have this diagnosis. Depending on who it is and what it means to a certain individual, Autism has ways of showings ones’ gifts to see the world in a different way,” said Cecily Storm, Center of Hope qualified intellectual disability professional (            QIDP).
She went on to say, “The Center of Hope plays a drastic role in the lives of our participants.iIt is a place where safety, belonging, acceptance, and love is given. Some participants might state they would feel lost without it.”

The Center uses many types of tools from visual pictures to just having a positive, approachable attitude. One of the best tools is active listening, and giving a safe space to be themselves.

“Each person with Autism is different therefore we need to get to know them and find what works for them individually when we meet them,” stated Jenny Kiser, QIDP.

Storm added, “The best way to individualize what works is to build a relationship and meet them at their level, whatever that may look like, but then promoting it with creativity, independence, and encouragement.”

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