Barbara Olson Center of Hope is proud to announce it has received a $9,000 grant from the William S. Howard Charitable Trust for its Bridges to the Future transitions program.

Bridges to the Future is a program at Barbara Olson Center of Hope that provides student transition services (support, education, resources, etc.) to individuals, their families, and professionals in Winnebago County. The program was developed in response to several agencies working together (Intersect for Abilities) to identify effective ways to better serve individuals who have developmental disabilities. The program starts working with students at age 14 with the goal of each individual successfully completing graduation.

The Bridges to the Future program provides essential long-term resources and supports for teens who have developmental disabilities and their families. This school transition program helps the students get the support they need to complete their high school education and transition to greater self-sufficiency, community integration as well as employment.

The goal is for each of these students to learn the skills to successfully be self-sufficient, graduation ready to be integrated into the community, leading to possible employment.

About Barbara Olson Center of Hope:

Barbara Olson Center of Hope is a not-for-profit organization serving the Rock River Valley since 1948. Its mission is to help individuals with developmental disabilities reach personal goals through individualized skill development, vocational opportunities, and community service. The Center of Hope serves young adults and adults daily. Executive Director is Pamela Carey and President of the Board is Tim Rogowski. For more information go to

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