Barbara Olson Center of Hope is proud to announce it has received a $10,000 grant from the Helen Brach Foundation to purchase two interactive display systems in order to engage our participants and offer alternative ways for them to enhance the quality of their lives.

Often for individuals with severe disabilities, accomplishing tasks such as communicating with others or participating in daily living activities can be a challenge. The interactive displays are tools to overcome these challenges and enable people living with autism and related disabilities a means to heighten their ability to learn information, express themselves, and demonstrate understanding.

The interactive displays give our staff the tools to present learning not only visually, allowing more flexibility to teach people with different levels of abilities, but virtually for those who cannot physically attend the Center due to restrictions.

About Barbara Olson Center of Hope:

Barbara Olson Center of Hope is a not-for-profit organization serving the Rock River Valley since 1948. Its mission is to help individuals with developmental disabilities reach personal goals through individualized skill development, vocational opportunities, and community service. The Center of Hope serves young adults and adults daily. Executive Director is Pamela Carey and President of the Board is Tim Rogowski. For more information go to

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