Barbara Olson Center of Hope Receives Grant from The Coleman Foundation

Barbara Olson Center of Hope is pleased to announce it has received a general operating grant from the The Coleman Foundation. The grant if to help organizations address the significant challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the workforce crisis and other pressing issues affecting the developmental disabilities community.

About Barbara Olson Center of Hope:

Barbara Olson Center of Hope is a not-for-profit organization serving the Rock River Valley since 1948. Its mission is to help individuals with developmental disabilities reach personal goals through individualized skill development, vocational opportunities, and community service. The Center of Hope serves 125 young adults and adults. President of the Board is Stewart Magnuson. For more information go to

About The Coleman Foundation:

The Coleman Foundation is the legacy of entrepreneurs, Dorothy W. Coleman and her husband, J.D. Stetson Coleman, one-time owners of Fannie May Candy Company. The Colemans created the Foundation in 1951 to improve opportunity and quality of life. Today, the Foundation continues to foster change through programs that are practical, financially sustainable, and results-oriented. For more information go to

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