Spirit Week at the Center of Hope!

The participants and staff had such a blast celebrating Spirit Week! Monday was Mismatch and Crazy Hair Day. Tuesday’s theme was Favorite Sport. Wednesday was Tie Dye Day. Thursday’s theme was Comfy Day. And Friday everyone could wear Crazy Socks. Everyone who participated had a lot of fun dressing for each theme. The sillier the better!

According to Tammy Chandler, human resources generalist, “Spirit Week was an exciting way for everyone to dress up alike and have fun while doing so.”

She went on to say, “It seemed like Comfy Day was a favorite! Everyone that participated dressed comfy and had lots of fun taking pictures. The crazy socks on Friday were the craziest I have ever seen! It seemed like everyone that participated had a lot of fun dressing up for each theme. We will need to make sure we have another Spirit Week next year.”

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