Hope Industries

Hope Industries subcontracts a variety of jobs from companies around the country, thus providing training and employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. By working for Hope Industries, participants at the Barbara Olson Center of Hope learn valuable life and work skills, increase self-esteem and have an opportunity to earn a paycheck.

We approach each contract by working with the employer to determine the timeline requirements and specific output needs of the job. Each task is fully evaluated in order for our participants with special needs to perform the job with the employer’s high-quality standards in mind and to ensure that these standards are met. Our participants have completed a variety of jobs through Hope Industries, including assembly, labeling, shrink-wrapping, packaging, inspection, sorting, sealing and counting.

GourMutts started as a small craft program for our participants at the Barbara Olson Center of Hope. The products were so popular that we now offer the flavored dog treats for sale in a selection of flavors. All biscuits are handmade with fresh, natural ingredients and are an ideal gift for your favorite pooch.

The dog biscuits come in beef, ham, and chicken flavors. Each packet of GourMutts includes a label with ingredient information, as well as pricing and weight.

Don’t forget your buddy when picking up dinner! For more information, contact us at (815)964-9275.

Community Programs

Community Engagement Services assists individuals who are able to work or volunteer out in the community.

Volunteer Center
The BOCOH Volunteer Center gives participants an opportunity to go out in the community and volunteer at places such as Meals on Wheels and the Rock River Valley Food Pantry.

Offsite Programs
Our Rockford, Machesney Park, and Rockton sites also give participants an opportunity to go out in the community learning different skill sets while working, volunteering, touring businesses and exploring the areas.

Project Leisure
Hourly fee-for-service “drop off” care, for adults and teens over 14 with Autism and other related disabilities. This is the center’s hourly fee-for-service for anyone who would like to explore our programs to find out what our center has to offer or for those who prefer part-time services. Call the Center for more information about this daily program.


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