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October 2019 Issue

A feeling of independence and joy

by Staff | Oct 09, 2019

This is Me, an art show featuring works by Center of Hope participants, will be held at The Norwegian restaurant, 1402 N. Main Street, on Friday, October 18, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Cecily Storm, art therapy instructor, captured the essence of what creating art means from the artist’s perspective.  

“An adult is constantly surrounded by limited choices and strict routines. This is one of the many reasons engaging in a creative process is important. Art Therapy, or even just the essence of expression, shows that it is okay to be who we are. When there are no words to be said, art explains everything. There does not need to be an explanation of why we make the choice we do. There are no consequences of choices while creating art. The process is about letting it be. It’s not about making a piece look “right” to the standard of society. Trusting the process is not an easy task. 

The function of art is also used as an instrument for relaxation and transformation. With the opportunity to present at an Art Show and to be directly paid, not only do we get financially rewarded, there is a feeling of independence and choice. Our Art Teacher is our supportive guide to help us with the tools we already have to be successful. Confidence shines through each masterpiece created. 

 When buying a piece of my Art, it is like buying a piece of my world. That is why each piece of art screams, ‘This Is Me’.”        

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