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October 2019 Issue

Meet Center of Hope’s new executive director

by Barbara Olson Center of Hope | Jul 08, 2019

Pam Carey has been named Barbara Olson Center of Hope’s new executive director, taking over for Carm Herman, who retired on June 28. Pam has been the human resources director at the Center of Hope for the last eight years.

Pam has been in human resources for 16 years. The majority of her positions have been within non-profits. “It has always been a passion of mine to be part of organizations that are doing such great work for the communities and the individuals that they serve.”

Her vision for Center of Hope is to continue moving forward by providing engaging programming that enriches each individual’s life by developing opportunities that give choice.

 “We will be looking for and providing opportunities for all participants to be involved in the community on a regular basis by either employment opportunities, volunteering or getting to know and being involved in their own communities. It is also essential that we utilize our businesses and services to provide employment opportunities to participants and staff to work toward the goal of being less dependent on the state,” Pam said.

She went on to say, “In continuing to enhance our programs – by providing the adaptive equipment and assistive technology which enable our participants to enhance their abilities, through vocational training, sensory integration therapy and socialization training – it will be essential to continue to advocate for who we serve and what that entails from staffing, provide services that are not funded and control the overall budgetary costs. It is also vital that we continue to provide a supportive and engaging workplace for our staff – they are the ones that make the Center a success.”

Pam considers herself to be very fortunate in her career. Following her interview with Center of Hope, Pam told her husband, “After the interview, just waiting in the reception area, I knew it was a place I wanted to work, just watching the participants and interactions.”

She went on to say, “That still holds true today. The participants can make any bad day or distractions disappear in a second!”

Pam and her husband, Ed, have two children, Joseph and Grace.

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