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July 2019 Issue

Fine tuning their skills

by Kelley Peterson, director of participant services, Barbara Olson Center of Hope | Feb 25, 2019

This January, Barbara Olson Center of Hope started a new community employment opportunity at The Norwegian restaurant. Twice a week, two of our participants clean the bathrooms, hallways and stairs of their tenant areas. This amazing opportunity has given eight of our participants the chance to try a community job! 

In addition, we are launching a janitorial training program in order to prepare more participants for community jobs. The training program will be working on fine tuning the participants’ skills, sweeping, mopping, cleaning all aspects of a bathroom (toilets, sinks, mirrors, and floors), vacuuming floors and stairs, dusting, and restocking supplies. We decided to launch the program to get our participants job-ready so they have the opportunity to make money at a minimum wage job instead of making piece rate. 

“This program will give our participants the confidence and skills to be active wage earners in our community,” said Kelley Peterson, director of participant services. She went on to say, “We would love to partner with more businesses in our community by providing them with our janitorial services.” 

If you are interested in employing our participants and making a difference in their lives please contact Kelley Peterson at kpeterson@b-olsoncenterofhope.org or 815-964-9275 ext. 250. 

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