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Education & Training

& Training

Education & Training

The Center of Hope provides education and training for its participants with a curriculum-based approach that is tailored to meet their individual needs. The program allows for our participants to rotate throughout their workday at marked intervals to various classroom settings within the agency, with each area focusing on a specific topic.

Participants are broken down into small groups to foster an effective and interactive learning environment that includes a high staff-to-participant ratio and skill building. Our staff members focus and concentrate on the level of abilities of each person within the group, thereby creating a curriculum that addresses individual needs in order to be successful at expanding abilities.

Transition Planning

In preparing to leave high school, students will have many decisions to make including: What kinds of work do they want to do?  What additional education or training will be required?  Where do they want to live?  What will be required to live independently?  What transportation options do they have access to? 

While families are encouraged to begin thinking about transition planning while children are young, formal transition planning for students with disabilities should begin by age 14.

The Center of Hope understands that many high school students have questions and fears about their future. During these critical high school transition years, it is important that students are given the opportunity to focus on their interests and passions so they can follow their unique path with confidence.

The Center of Hope’s Student Transition program allows students to discover their true interests, passions and, ultimately, their goals through learning activities, job training assignments and employment opportunities. The Center programs are designed for all students and promote all choices and options after high school.

If you have any questions regarding out Student Transition Program, please call the Center of Hope at (815)964-9275 and ask for Kelley Peterson.

For more in-depth information on preparing for life after high school, download Pathways For Success - A Transition Resource Guide . This toolkit and accompanying video posted below is a resource created by "Intersect for Ability Northern Illinois" and funded by the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois.