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Occupational Therapy Clinic

Therapy Clinic

Occupational Therapy Clinic

The Occupational Therapy Clinic at the Barbara Olson Center of Hope specializes not only in addressing apparent motor needs, but also sensory needs. Our clinic is unique among others in the area in that our therapy services are specifically tailored towards adults with autism and developmental delays.

Occupational therapy is concerned with helping an individual achieve his or her highest level of function. We strive to support all of our participants to reach their personal best and to follow their dreams. We are passionate about sharing successful tools with families so that they can better meet the needs of their loved ones.

For more detailed information, please visit our clinic website by clicking HERE

Success Story

"My son, Eric Klemm, LOVES the Clinic's yoga. I was very excited when I heard about the program beginning and strongly recommend that more students, parents and care providers try it. Yoga is helping my son get in touch with himself and this is an excellent way for him to deal with his sensory issues."
– Merry Klemm