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How YOU Can Help

Can Help

How YOU Can Help

YOU can help by utilizing one of our businesses and/or donating your time and talents

Destroy and Recycle your paper at Super Shredders:
In today’s business world, shredding has become essential due to the increased importance of customers’ privacy and the security of your company’s intellectual property. Best practices dictate that a third party document destruction company is the best way to a compliant and eco-friendly solution.
(815) 964-9275 ext. 236

Hire Hope Industries:
Whether the need is assembly, inspection, sorting, or you just need a few extra hands, Hope Industries can help your business quickly and cost effectively. We have provided labor solutions for businesses since 1959.
(815) 964-9275 ext. 244

Buy goods made at the Center:
Did you know that when you buy GourMutts dog biscuits and other products, you are not only getting quality goods at affordable prices, but are also benefiting the many participants who make those goods at the Center? They learn valuable skills and earn a paycheck. It’s a win-win scenario for all.
(815) 964-9275

Volunteer for Center projects:
The Center of Hope can always benefit from your special skills and craft. You can donate your time to the Center by helping with minor remodeling, painting or even weeding.
(815) 964-9275 ext. 244

Make a charitable contribution:
By making a donation, you are helping the Center provide valuable vocational and educational opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Your contribution helps us to carry out our mission “Help individuals with developmental disabilities reach personal goals through individualized skill development, vocational opportunities, and community service” for years to come!
(815) 964-9275 ext. 228

Thank You!